Innovate or die !

We believe that innovation is the key to meet our customer demands (more for less money!) and to make our solutions more cost effective and smarter.

M2sat has been involved in EU research projects from the start. Currently we are mainly involved in research into cost effective satellite IoT connectivity.

EU Research projects

We are and were involved and successfully completed the following ESA and EU R&D-programs:

Hiber Development of an innovative global IoT connectivity service using a constellation of small sats.

Com4Offshore Interactive communication and monitoring system for offshore wind energy

SASS Satellite Based Alarm and Surveillance System

Satellite Integrated Services for the Year 2000

We love technology!

Customer needs and technology drives our curiousity and business
In our networked society both customer needs and technology evolve at a very high speed. We love the challenge to follow those developments and develop the right solutions to face them together with our customers.

A knowledgeable and dedicated team
Providing satellite solutions is team work where team members complement each others expertise and skills. We are proud to have a very experienced team, that works together already more then 10 years

Using state-of-the art technology
To make cost efficient and smart solutions for our customers, we combine off-the-shelf equipment and services with bespoke hardware, software and network components we produce ourselves.

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