Occ Use Contribution services

Our Next Gen Occ Use Contribution services for all your temporary bandwidth requirements:

* Satellite News Gathering (broadcasters)
* Live Event Streaming (event rights owners)
* Temporary Internet Connectivity (corporate)
* Back up communications (corporate)
* Emergency response communications (government)

M2sat Occasional Use services in Mhz and Mbps !

Where in the past only broadcasters required temporary data and video connections at remote locations, in our networked world also corporate and government customers need temporary broadband IP connectivity.

Occ Use services used to be for satellite news gatherers only and in Hz. Now they are available for anyone and in Mbps providing temporary IP bandwidth at remote locations.

M2sat OU services include dedicated bandwidth connections (i.e. Ku-band SCPC or Ka-band NewsSpotter for video uplinks) as well as dedicated or shared IP connections (i.e. for temporary internet access).

To meet connectivity requirements most cost effective we have Occ Use satellite services both in Ku and Ka band. That means we can provide you always the best price.

M2sat Booking Office

Contact the M2sat booking office for any Occ Use requirements
at +31 4945097 or click here and send us a mail

Need equipment? Rentsat
We have Ku-band and Ka-band satellite equipment available for your temporary uplink and connectivity projects.

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RentSat info

Dedicated Ku-band Capacity

We provide dedicated Ku-band capacity in Europe via a number of satellites.

Optionally and depending on your requirements, we can provide downlink facilities at our teleport.

We can also provide Rentsat uplink equipment for your remote team.

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Shared Ku-band service

For temporary internet access at remote locations we provide a shared internet service on a per hour, per day, per week or per month basis.

Based on the KuSatPro coverage area you can have temporary internet connectivity worldwide.

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KaSat Newsspotter

A new generation satellite uplink services for broadcasters, live event streamers, fast responders or corporations: Compact, innovative, affordable and easy to use.

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