Based on the revolutionary advanced KaSat satellite infrastructure in Europe.

* Professional Data Network: broadband internet access and connectivity for professional use now available everywhere in wider Europe
* Cost efficient M2M services with small antenna equipment
* Regional Multicasting & Broadcasting: the competitive solution for
focused regional TV, corporate video and signage networks

KaSatPro broadband service features:

Business grade broadband internet service all over Europe.

KaSatPro coverage over extended Europe

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KaSatPro Broadband Services

Business grade broadband internet with monthly volume allowance*:

KaSatPro Business 25 GB
KaSatPro Business 40 GB
KaSatPro Business 100 GB
KaSatPro Business 200 GB

* Optional Volume Boosters of 10, 20, 50 and 100 GB can extend the monthly allowance.

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KaSatPro M2M

Machine to Machine (M2M), or Internet of Things (IoT) WAN communication has become important in a number of industries during recent years, particularly in the security and the utilities sectors.

KaSatPro M2M offers an affordable, high performance and reliable service from Euro 45 / month with low cost terminals to connect your IoT network all over Europe.

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KaSatPro Multicast

Satellite is still the most effective way to distribute multi media and video content.

KaSatPro MultiCasting offers media delivery and WAN connectivity all over Europe connecting digital signage, in-store radio and remote advertising systems.

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KaSatPro IP Connect

With IP Connect, an enterprise can communicate freely and constantly with branch offices, and benefit from a wide range of services such as LAN interconnections, video conferencing, voice and data transmissions, and much more thanks to dedicated satellite resources.

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KaSatPro Terminal Equipment

Delivers extraordinary throughput, efficiency, flexibility and affordability with new network features:
Configurable as a Level 2 or Level 3 networking device for enterprise flexibility
Built-in TCP and web acceleration
Constant Bit Rate (CBR) and Committed Information Rate (CIR) configured on an individual terminal basis
Application-based traffic prioritization for high-quality VoIP and high-speed video conferencing & streaming

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KaSatPro Solutions

KaSatPro your extra network above the clouds. Ideal for linking corporate networks and interconnecting local area networks.

Whether connecting a small remote office or a large warehouse with multiple complex networks, establishing a secondary network for business continuity, or back hauling cellular traffic over satellite,
KaSatPro delivers the performance and bandwidth you need.

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