FlyAway antenna systems

Our FlyAways come with the following features:

  • Minimize weight using of carbon fibre
  • Compact size for easy transport.
  • Transport case acts as antenna mount
  • 3-axis motor for auto-pointing to the selected satellite
  • Feed exchange for operation in different frequency bands

FlyAway Antenna Systems

M2sat is authorised Distributor and Service Partner for C-com antenna systems. C-com manufactures fixed and mobile antenna systems for broadcasters (SNG) and rapid deployment solutions for the corporate and government market.

FlyAway antennas can be de-constructed and can be easily transported in vehicles or airplanes. They are used for the transmission of (live) video for TV-news gathering or for two-way (IP) communications from remote locations.

Typical applications are:

Technical characteristics

satellite services for FlyAway antenna systems (Airtime)

Our FlyAway series

More informationen on our different antenna types in the following data sheets:

ACFLY-1200 FLY-75V FLY-1201 FLY-1801A-240