DriveAway Antennas

Our DriveAway antennas come with the following features:

  • Minimal weight because of the use of carbon fibre
  • 3-axis motor for auto-pointing to the selected satellite
  • Feed exhange for operation in different frequency bands
  • Compatible with all market conform satellite modems
  • Optional roof tub cover for full protection of antenna while driving the vehicle

DriveAway Antenna systems

M2sat is authorised Distributor and Service Partner for C-com antenna systems. C-com manufactures fixed and mobile antenna systems for broadcasters (SNG) and rapid deployment solutions for the corporate and government market.

DriveAway antennas can be fitted on any vehicle and are used for for the transmission of (live) video for TV-news gathering or for two-way (IP) communications from remote locations.

Typical applications are:

Technical characteristics

Satellite IP-services for DriveAway antenna systems..

Our DriveAway-antenna types

More information on our different DriveAway antennas in the following data sheets:

Ka-75V Ka-98V Ku-981 Ku-1201