Application equipment

As part of our end-2-end solutions we provide off the shelf equipment for a variety of applications like:

  • IP-networking
  • VOIP
  • Video Communications
  • M2M applications.

Our equipment portfolio includes:

IP networking equipment:

Voice communications:
We can provide your complete own VOIP system or provide VOIP phones to connect to the VOIP switch at our Teleport.

Video Applications:

M2M application equipment

Video Encoders / Decoders

  • SD and HD
  • MPEG-2 / MPEG-4
  • lightweight fly-away versions

BlueLabel and BlackLabel Video Network equipment

  • streames video between any two points in the world
  • any bitrate and any format
  • secure video connections
  • highest quality of service

Multi Link Gateway

  • Supports multi WAN (satellite, radio and terrestrial IP) networks
  • VPN connectivity, Encryption and Monitoring
  • Dynamic routing and re-routing via different WAN connections
  • Load balancing & - IP-traffic filtering and prioritization
  • Bonding

VOIP phones

  • Standard H.323 without proprietary extensions
  • Performance features according to H.450
  • safety features according to H.235
  • various speech compression options
  • Echo compensation, voice activity detection and comfort noise generation to reduce required bandwidth in the net

IP Network Routers

  • designed for use over Ka-sat network
  • VPN managed service
  • ultra fast and low cost service
  • encrypted satellite connectivity

M2M proxy unit

  • Ethernet (LAN/WAN), USB, RS232, RS485, ISDN interface
  • Micro controller for serial data acquisition and remote control
  • Proxy client and server implementations for M2M protocols
  • Filtering, prioritization and compression on M2M protocol level
  • Network switching and throughput optimization
  • Proxy authentication and data encryption