Offshore & Energy

The offshore & energy market in transition. Offshore oil production is slowing down but gas and offshore wind parks are booming.

Making offshore rigs more cost efficient is a challenge for customers and M2sat helps with cost-efficient IP connectivity on our KuSatPro and KaSatPro services and with smart M2M solutions

For offshore rigs in the North Sea we have introduced the latest generation of Crew Welfare systems including TV and broadband internet for crew members to stay in touch with their family and friends.

Meeting Offshore communications challenges

Off-shore communications faces many challenges:

The need for communication and data transfer e.g. for the exchange of daily reports, work permits, weather forecasts, accident reports and other information is very high. Multiple critical and less critical applications fight for bandwidth.

At sea, communications is expensive however and that conflicts with the need to save costs.

Automation is one way to do this resulting in an increasing demand for real-time transmission of sensor data, log-files, counter measures, usage data, and other status data for the automated monitoring and control of and processes on the offshore site.

Crew welfare is a must to get the best people to manage the offshore platforms. Critical for that is a good communications between the crew at sea and their family and friends on shore.

M2sat provides offshore companies in the oil&gas or wind energy with reliable and high quality connectivity and smart solutions to meet those challenges

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