Global Connectivity

Always reliable, never expensive

We provide Global Satellite IoT and IP connectivity for our customers to extend their Wide Area Networks and Intranets and connect their remote operation crews and installations.

We are network agnostic and use different satellite and terrestrial networks to provide the most cost efficient solution based on the location and application of our customers.

Local, regional and global connectivity

Providing business grade quality IP connectivity nd keeping the costs low is an art in which we have specialized. To do so we offer different solutions based on location and bandwidth requirements using different types of networks and smart solutions.

Local Solutions:
Our WiFi, LPWAN or P2P radio networks provide a local IP access solution that can be combined with a WAN satellite links. Check WLAN or P2P radio for more info.

Regional Solutions
Benefiting from the advantages of the new generation High Throughput Satellites like Ka-Sat we can offer cost efficient regional solutions like KaSatPro to our customers.
Check our KaSatPro services for more info

Global Solutions
For a trully global solutions we use Ku-band based VSAT systems that are able to offer broadband IP connectivity at an affordable price. Check our KuSatPro services for more info

Fixed and mobile solutions

All our IoT, IP and bandwidth services are available from both Fixed and Mobile satellite terminals.