360MM Broadcast & IPTV solutions

The broadcasting and media market is undergoing a major transition. With more then 10 years experience in broadcast networking, video technology and IP connectivity, M2sat supports old and new players in this exciting market place.

Our new 360MM platform supports customers throughout the glass-2-glass broadcast workflow making their operations more cost effective, help them monetize their content worldwide and open up new business opportunities.

360MM Broadcast, Streaming and IPTV platform

360MM Contribution services:
* Dedicated satellite uplink services for Satellite Newsgathering, IPTV or Live Event streaming. We have occasional use Ku-band services for worldwide use and KaSat Newsspotter services for Europe.
* Guaranteed broadband IP service providing temporary internet connectivity for events, corporate back up or emergency response communication. Available in Ku-band (worldwide) and Ka-band (Europe).
* Rentsat satellite equipment rental for live video contribution or temporary IP-connectivity

360MM Acquisition services:
We provide easy acquisition and transit services for locally originated satellite TV signals e.g. for live sport events. We have satellite acquisition facilities around the world, and provide occasional use, scheduled and permanent acquisition services for any geo broadcast satellite.

360MM Distribution Services
We can distribute any incoming video or tv signal to any network or screen worldwide:
* Satellite uplink services for primary and secondary distribution of tv- and video content.
* Terrestrial IP distribution forwarding TV or video streams to any network destination or screen using streaming platforms IPTV and OTT channels, corporate networks, TV studio and channel playout, signage networks etc.

Has a multi-network architecture and can receive and stream out video feeds via satellite, terrestrial IP networks and 3G/4G networks.

360MM solutions:

360MM Contribution solutions:
* SVT regional SNG fleet
* Live Sports channel CP24!

360MM Acquistion Solutions
Open Tennis finals downlink

360MM Event Solutions:
* Live Sports Event streaming (Ku): Cold Water Surfing
* Live Sports Event Connectivity (Ku): BMW in Canada
* Live Corporate Event streaming (Ku): Baker Hughes click here
* Live Corporate streaming (Ka): Utrecht & Schiphol events