Market Solutions

M2sat provides state of the art satellite communication solutions for high end professionals customers in broadcasting, energy, corporate and government sectors.

Our background is providing satellite connections but in this networked world for our solutions we use any network (satellite, terrestrial, 3G/4G, WiFi or radio) to provide reliable and cost effective global connectivity.

360MM Broadcast and IPTV solutions

Our 360MM platform makes video connections from remote locations right into broadcast studios, to a streaming server or to global Video Content Distribution Networks.

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Global IP-Connections for corporations and government

We provide satellite internet or IP-connectivity services around the world using cost effective Ka- or Ku-band solutions combined with VAS services like voice, video, FTP, advance browsing etc.

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NorthSea.Net connecting Offshore and Energy customers

A robust and nextgen plaform providing Satellite IP connectivity and Crew Welfare solutions for the off shore rigs, windmill parks and energy companies.

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