For more then a decade M2sat is supporting broadcasters, government organizations, corporate customers and the energy market in their global communications.

Our team takes it's pride to provide customers with reliable and high-quality global (satellite) broadband communication solutions, that are smart, reliable and never expensive.

Why is M2sat on earth ?

M2sat was founded as follow up of an EU innovation project in the year 2000.

We have a passion for (global) satellite communications. From IP-SNG solutions like for regional SVT stations in Sweden, to Crew Welfare and M2M solutions for the offshore industry in the North Sea and remote broadband connectivity in Africa.

Technology develops fast, so do our customer requirements. Looks like we will be around for some time.

What do we do?

In this fast changing world customers need solutions that are smarter, do more and cost less, and innovation is key to their survival.

We provide broadcasters, corporate, government and energy customers with integrated multi media solutions, global IP connectivity, and smart M2M systems.

We support these during the full life cycle: from solution design, delivery and 24/7 operation and tech support.


We use the experience and knowlegde gained in EU innovation projects to build solutions for our customers.

We combine off the shelf equipment or services and combine that with bespoke software/hardware/network components that we develop ourself.

To keep the (satellite!) costs down and use satellite networks (L-, Ku- or Ka-band) as well as terrestrial cable and radio networks for our solutions.