Satellite IoT Value Chains

Monitor your fixed and mobile assets, equipment and devices, on a trully global scale.

We have established Sat IoT value chains in a number of verticals like water management, agriculture and public infrastructure. We are happy to share those for your projects including our partnerships with sensor manufacturers, satellite connectivity services, data analytics and organizational integration specialists.

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Satellite Connectivity

Need to connect to your remote teams or office locations worldwide?

We have a suite of global broadband and narrowband satelllite services to provide the best suitable voice and data solutions worldwide.

Sat IoT Connectivity Consult

What is the best satcom solution for my IoT application?

Different IoT applications ask for different types of connectivity. There is more then 10 different offers for satellite IoT connectivity out there. Deciding what is the best and most economic type of satellite solution for your global application can be challenging and needs expertise.

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